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Corporate Van

Zetian Limousine Fleet - Corporate Van

For an efficient option for transporting 10 to 14 passengers in comfort along with their accompanying luggage, the Corporate Van is a recommended choice.  Optimal for short-distance trips and airport transfers, the Corporate Van is one of the more cost-effective options as well.  Some examples of trips well suited for a Corporate Van include: transportation of a team to a client location for a site visit, large aircraft flight crew shuttle to and from their local accommodations, or local group tours of multiple attractions within a destination area. All Corporate Vans are late-model vehicles with a black exterior finish.  Seating configuration with Corporate Vans may vary depending on luggage loads, so please contact a booking agent for specific details.

Our Corporate Vans are chauffeured by our knowledgeable and professional team, same as our sedan and limousine fleet and our vans meet our highest standards of maintenance and care. You can rest at ease with our promise of on-time arrivals and reliability you can count on.

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