Zetian Limousine

Zetian Limousine Affiliates

Zetian Limousine is committed to offering the finest in chauffeured transportation to all clients and corporate customers and wish to do the same for those of our affiliates.  We believe that our relationships with affiliates & partners should be mutually beneficial and the outcome should be the best service for clients and customers at all times no matter what.  Just as we will proudly offer our first-class service to your clients, we expect the same level of excellence from each and every one of our partners in return.

If you believe that your company can meet our standards of outstanding personalized service with a smile, on-time delivery and dispatch, professionally trained and service-oriented drivers, and the highest quality vehicles that meet stringent standards of maintenance and relevance to our client portfolio, then we invite you to apply to become an affiliate with Zetian Limousine.

Please contact Brian A. Frederick, President, via email at brian@zetianlimo.com for application criteria and materials or call us at 623-847-5466 to learn more.

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